Formulation Experience and Service:
Formulation experience means that Fife personnel can not only develop products in the laboratory but can also develop customized chemistries for your operation. This results in products that are more efficient because they are specifically formulated for your needs. Additionally, Fife follows up with face-to-face technical service to ensure that our programs provide results.

Responsive and Flexible:
Fife Companies use the research and development capabilities of our multinational raw material suppliers to assist with product development. This approach provides:
  • Responsive and flexible answers
  • Faster and more economical solutions
Custom Tailored Specialty Chemical Design:
Most companies today provide sales people with a set portfolio of products that they market and 'force-fit' to your problem. Fife goes a step further. We meet your specific needs by the design and manufacture of tailored solutions.
Professional Chemists/Engineers:
Fife's experienced professionals have specialty chemical backgrounds and strong technical abilities in your industry. Our personnel provide consulting and analytical problem solving, and are a valuable outsource alternative in your field of operation.

 Leadership in Fine Chemicals:
Fife leads in the supply of fine chemicals for the food & pharmaceutical industries.  We supply high quality ingredients with approvals and quality certification for your application.

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